Grand Hôtel 150 years

This year, Grand Hôtel celebrates 150 years of innovation and artisanship. Since Régis Cadier opened the hotel in 1874, Grand Hôtel has been home to celebrities, grand events, and everyday bon-vivants, and it is with pride and joy that we look back on this magnificent journey.

To honor the hotel and its role on the international stage, we will be presenting a series of exclusive flavors and experiences throughout the year.

Our pastry chefs will, among other things, create desserts for our restaurants with specially crafted anniversary flavors. 

To add a touch of luxury to your visit to the Cadier Bar, our skilled bartenders have created anniversary cocktails that combine innovation with classic elegance and taste mastery. Legend has it that it was Régis Cadier who came up with the idea of ​​introducing standing bar service to Sweden, which he did at the first Swedish hotel he worked at and then brought with him when he opened Grand Hôtel. 

We have also made an anniversary beer 1874 in collaboration with Omaka which is available in all our restaurants.

This year, Grand Café will serve Otto's ice cream and delight your taste buds with a completely new ice cream flavor served exclusively only with us. 

As a tribute to our history, present, and future, we will also launch a coffee table book that depicts Grand Hôtel and our craftsmanship, and how it looks now as we celebrate 150 years. 

For those who want to take a part of their Grand Experience home, we will also introduce exclusive products carefully selected to make your travels a little extra enjoyable. 

June 14th is Grand Hôtel's official birthday and it will be a day filled with festivities, surprises, and an atmosphere of pure joy on the quay outside the hotel. 

Warmly welcome to be a part of our history and share these anniversary experiences with us. We look forward to creating unforgettable memories together with you.