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Monday-Wednesday  7 am - 1 am
Thursday-Friday 7 am - 2 am
Saturday 8 am - 2 am
Sunday 8 am - 1 am


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A genuine hotel bar always has a special atmosphere, wherever it may be in the world. It is a place for meetings, home-sickness, solitude, one-to-ones, daydreaming and people-watching, especially when the bar is located just next to the lobby, where people are always coming and going. The Grand Hôtel's own Cadier Bar is just such a place, with the right character and ambiance.

The Cadier Bar was remodelled in 2006 when a part of the earlier French Dining Room and the hotel lobby were detached to create a large and elegant bar with a fantastic view over the harbour, Old Town and the Royal Palace, perhaps the best view from any hotel bar. A number of large seating groups also help to create a relaxed, intimate atmosphere.

The bar was named after the Grand Hôtel's founder, Régis Cadier. It was an obvious choice. From day one, Régis Cadier established the Grand Hôtel as a haven for lovers of good food and wine. He lived for a while in nextdoor Bolinderska Palatset, now a part of the Grand Hôtel, where he moved into the apartment once occupied by L. O. Smith, a Swedish 19th-century liquor baron.

Since opening, the Cadier Bar has received a long series of awards for its range of drinks, atmosphere, location and skilled bar staff.