Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Since the hotel opened in 1874, craftsmanship and innovation have been guiding principles that have propelled the Grand Hôtel forward. These two words also pave the way in our ongoing efforts for a green and sustainable reality, both now and in the future.

In our operations, we strive not only to be aware of sustainability issues but also to influence development by working closely with suppliers to jointly create new sustainable solutions and choices. Our sustainability initiatives are well-thought-out and cover every aspect of our operations, from energy consumption and material choices to digitization and social responsibility.


  • Green electricity and wind power: Our transition to green electricity and wind power demonstrates our commitment to reducing our climate impact and promoting renewable energy sources. 
  • Waste disposal and sorting: Our advanced waste disposal system and sorting system minimize waste and promote more sustainable waste management. 
  • Light optimization: By replacing halogen lamps with LED and introducing light cards in rooms, we aim to create energy-efficient lighting while reducing our energy consumption.


  • High-quality renovations: Our renovations and improvements use the highest quality materials and craftsmen with expertise to ensure a product with long durability and minimal environmental impact. 
  • Local materials: By using Swedish furniture, local fabrics, and a long-term approach to material selection, we aim to support local craftsmen and reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • Reuse and sale: Preserving beautiful craftsmanship has always been important for the hotel. Furniture created at the hotel's opening is still present and is updated with new textiles and colors to fit contemporary aesthetics. We sell furniture to our staff, with proceeds going directly to charities focused on children and the next generation. 
  • Rooms and suites built for longevity: Our rooms and suites are designed to last, with quality permeating every detail. There are no plastic items in our rooms and suites, and even our bathroom amenities are carefully crafted from recyclable materials such as bamboo and metal. Our sheets are made of 100% certified cotton. 
  • Hygienic surfaces and GBAC certification: The entire hotel is cleaned with biodegradable cleaning agents, and in 2023, we received GBAC certification. 
  • Environmentally certified suppliers: We only use environmentally certified suppliers, and they adhere to our code of conduct. 


  • Purchase of local and organic food: We prioritize locally produced food and aim to integrate organic options as much as possible to support sustainable agriculture and reduce transport distances. 
  • Swedish and local beverages: We largely procure Swedish beverages, including beer, cider, juice, and mineral water, in environmentally friendly packaging to reduce our climate impact.
  • Digital Room Service: To reduce paper usage, we have implemented a Room Service menu on our TV sets, which is not only convenient for guests but also more environmentally friendly. 
  • Draft beer for reduced environmental impact: We promote the use of draft beer at larger events and in our bars to reduce glass breakage and bottle transport, leading to reduced waste and energy consumption. 
  • Recycling and reducing food waste: We strive to recycle everything possible and reduce food waste through smaller plates in the staff canteen and by measuring and monitoring waste from both staff and guest dining areas. 
  • Mis en Place and eco-friendly utensils: We implement more Mis en Place on our buffets to reduce food waste and use no plastic utensils to minimize plastic consumption. Fair Trade and responsible purchases: We use Fair Trade coffee and chocolate and strive to work with suppliers and products that follow sustainable and ethical principles beyond Sweden's borders. 
  • Sustainable wine work: Our wine cellar focuses on European wines and "honest wines" without excessive additives to promote quality and sustainability. We offer organic wines in our restaurants and banquet halls to encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly beverage choices. 
  • Efficient logistics and coordination: We minimize the number of deliveries by combining orders and coordinating suppliers to reduce transport-related emissions. MSC-certified fish and reuse: We use MSC-certified fish when possible and reuse surplus food from large events for staff meals to reduce waste. 
  • Energy and resource efficiency during the low season: During the low season, we shut down unnecessary units and departments to save energy, work hours, and cleaning supplies.
  • Broth from by-products: We create broth from vegetable, fish, and meat by-products to minimize food waste and maximize the use of raw materials. 
  • Cultivation of own herbs and flowers: We run a GREEN initiative by growing our own herbs and flowers used in our cooking to promote sustainability and encourage locally sourced products. 
  • Environmentally friendly water system: The introduction of a new water system from Spendrups in all our restaurants contributes to reduced plastic usage and promotes sustainable water consumption. 


Complete digitization: From employment contracts and pay statements to supplier contracts and guest interaction, our digital transition spans the entire operation. 

Charging stations for electric cars: We enable sustainable mobility with four charging stations for electric cars in our garage. We also offer limousines powered by electricity. 


The Grand Hôtel supports the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact; read our Communication on Progress (COP). We also support and respect internationally recognized human rights. We are a sound, reliable company that takes a long-term perspective to our work. This Code was developed and adopted by the Board of Directors to ensure that our operations live up to our social, environmental, and ethical responsibilities.


  • Compliance with labor laws: Grand Hôtel shall ensure compliance with labor and employment laws, including working hours. No individual, whether an employee or a manager, should feel offended, harassed, or uncomfortable in the workplace. We provide reasonable compensation to our employees, and no employee should be forced to work overtime exceeding the maximum allowed by law. We uphold the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining. Grand Hôtel is an active member of the employer organization Visita, which, through collective negotiations with the Hotel and Restaurant Union (Hotell och Restaurangfacket HRF) and Unionen, establishes agreements regulating the salaries and employment conditions of the employees.
  • No child labor: Grand Hôtel does not accept child labor or work involving minors. The minimum employment age is 18 years. 
  • Preventing prostitution: Grand Hôtel takes a serious stance against prostitution and works to have well-functioning organizations and procedures to prevent human trafficking. 


  • Equality: Grand Hôtel works for equality and has an updated equality and action plan to address any deficiencies in the area. 
  • Diversity: Grand Hôtel actively works for a diverse workplace. A variety of cultural, sexual, and religious preferences among our employees contributes to a more efficient and sustainable operation and a strengthened corporate culture. 
  • Supporting vulnerable groups: We work to get vulnerable groups into employment, including individuals with disabilities and newcomers. 


  • Good working environment: A good and safe working environment is a crucial strategic issue for AB Nya Grand Hôtel. Preventing illness and injuries due to work is fundamental in our operations. 
  • Confidentiality: Employees have obligations regarding confidentiality, loyalty, and non-disclosure concerning information within the Grand Hôtel group. 


  • Environmental consideration: Grand Hôtel is committed to a business that is characterized by environmental consideration. We aim to use resources responsibly and primarily use renewable natural resources in our work. 
  • Anti-corruption policy: Grand Hôtel aligns with the Swedish code for gifts, rewards, and benefits in business. We refrain from giving or receiving incentives that may risk creating unhealthy loyalty.


Grand Hôtel has adopted a Whistleblower Policy to enable all employees within the Grand Hôtel Group, business partners, and other stakeholders to report serious misconduct within the company. We expect employees to uphold a high ethical standard and disclose any suspicions of fraud, corruption, or similar activities within the business that appear to be inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations. 

Why whistleblow?
Within the Grand Group, we strive to maintain an open and transparent workplace where misconduct is not tolerated. By providing you with the opportunity to blow the whistle, we uphold this commitment together. We utilize the Whistle's whistleblower channel, ensuring anonymity and high security, accessible by clicking here

Who can report?
In simplified terms, individuals who are or have been associated with the Grand Group (AB Nya Grand Hôtel, The Sparrow Hotel AB, Lydmar Hotel AB, Blasieholmen 54 Restaurang AB, Mathias Dahlgren Innovations AB, Blasieholmen 54 Fastighetspartner AB, or FAM Förvaltning AB) can report misconduct. In case of uncertainty, we encourage you to read more about our whistleblower policy

What can be reported?
We encourage whistleblowing if there is suspicion of misconduct within the company that is of public interest. In case of uncertainty, we encourage you to read more about our whistleblower policy. There doesn't need to be proof of suspicion, but all reports must be made in good faith. 

How is the reporting handled?
Reporting is treated confidentially. All irrelevant personal information will be deleted, and the case will be stored only as long as necessary. Our cases are initially handled by VICI Advokatbyrå to ensure independent handling, after which internal contacts within our organization may take over the case.



All business decisions are made with the company's best interests in mind, and as an employee, one must not exploit their position in the company for purposes other than supporting the business. Personal relationships should not influence business decisions, employment, or terminations. To avoid conflicts of interest, employees should not engage in parallel work outside of Grand without informing their immediate supervisor. 


Grand Hotel's code shall clarify expectations and requirements for both our own operations and our suppliers. Furthermore, we reserve the right to decline arrangements that we believe violate this code or otherwise pose a risk to our employees, guests, or the Grand Hotel's brand and business. 


Grand Hôtel has achieved Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) STAR™ accreditation, which is the gold standard for prepared facilities. Under the guidance of GBAC, a part of the global cleaning industry organization ISSA, we have implemented the strictest protocols for cleaning, disinfection, and prevention of infectious diseases in our hotel.


GBAC STAR - Grand Hôtel Stockholm


In our CSR efforts, we have chosen to promote initiatives for the next generation – their health and future. In 2024, we are therefore supporting the organizations Barncancerfonden (Childhood Cancer Foundation) and Stockholms Stadsmission (Stockholm City Mission), focusing on young people in vulnerable situations.

Barncancerfonden 2024
Stockholm stadsmission 2024